Pohole Fern Namasu     10
local pohole fern shoots, daikon, carrots, green beans and tomato tossed with a sesame namasu vinaigrette

Simple Salad     12
waipoli farms mixed greens, carrots, red cabbage and marinated cucumber tossed with your
choice of:
• papaya seed vinaigrette
• sesame vinaigrette
• preserved lemon vinaigrette
• basil vinaigrette

Grilled Watermelon and Tomato Salad     13
grilled local watermelon layered with brandy wine heirloom tomatoes, drizzled with balsamic syrup and extra virgin olive oil, feta cheese, micro greens

Grilled Caesars Salad     13
Waipoli JR Romaine Spears Grilled and Chilled. Drizzled with a classic House made Caesar dressing, Garlic Croutons and shaved parmesan.

Spicy Beef and Soba Noodles Salad     15
medium rare chilled sirloin steak tossed with chuka soba noodles, mint, basil, cilantro, cucumber and tomato, hawaiian chile pepper, lime vinaigrette

Crispy Green Beans    8
crispy blistered blue lake green beans tossed in a hong kong style black bean sauce



Sashimi Platter    Market Price
6oz. of thinly sliced fresh ahi with wasabi & shoyu

Grilled Prawns     15
black tiger prawns charbroiled and glazed with hoisin marmalade, green papaya salad, calamansi reduction

Calamari Strips     17
panko battered calamari steak strips fried to golden brown tossed with furikake, preserved lemon aioli

  Grilled Prawns

Grilled Prawns

Popcorn Shrimp and Chicharone     18
duet of tempura deep fried rock shrimp and housemade chicharone tossed with chile infused alae salt, gochujang dipping sauce

Lana‘i City Flat Bread     14
grilled house dough made fresh daily,a culinary treat

Szechwan NY Steak    18
6oz. of Szechuan peppercorn dusted sous vide medium rare then charred on the grill, goat cheese mousse, drizzled with kabayaki sauce


  Grilled Watermelon and Tomato Salad

Grilled Watermelon and Tomato Salad




Fresh Catch of the Day    Market Price

Bolognese and Meatballs     18
ground local venison stewed into a classic red wine bolognese accompanied with house made venison meatballs on a bed of fresh fettuccine noodles, olive oil and garlic flat bread spears, shaved parmesan

Chef’s Choice Vegetarian Pasta     23
chef jimi chooses fresh vegetables each night to accompany his daily infused fresh pasta with olive oil and garlic flat bread spears, shaved parmesan

Chicken Scallopini     26
sauteed butterflied chicken breast topped with artichoke, sun-dried tomato and prosciutto, lemon caper beurre blanc, fresh basil, housemade fettuccine

Angel Hair Pescatore     30
clams, mussels, shrimp and bay scallops sautéed with shallots, garlic and tomato tossed in extra virgin olive oil on a bed of house-made black pasta, lobster sherry cream, topped with parmesan

  Angel Hair Pescatore

Angel Hair Pescatore

Country Fried Chicken Wings     17
buttermilk marinated crispy fried chicken wings w/ housemade hawaiin bbq sauce

New York Steak   34
12 oz. cut of ny strip loin charbroiled to perfection and topped with beer battered onion rings, bacon ragout demi glace, roasted garlic mashers, pohole fern, tomato and onion salad

St. Louis Style Ribs   26
St. Louis cut slow roasted pork ribs glazed with house made hawaiian bbq sauce, sesame slaw and steamed rice

Classic Burger   17
8 oz. handmade c.a.b. ground beef patty charbroiled to perfection. lettuce, tomato, onion on a hawaiin sweet bread bun, house made french fries
- add cheese   $1.50
- add apple smoked bacon   $2.50

Sirloin Steak     29
charbroiled ponzu glazed 8 oz sirloin steak, glazed bluelake green beans, gingered mashers, saute of shiishitos, peppers & white scallions, demi glace

Lana‘i Signature Venison Loin     32
pan roasted local venison loin, apple smoked bacon lacquered root vegetable hash, black cherry cabernet demi glace, fresh seasonal vegetables

Beef Short Ribs     28
Cabernet braised beef short ribs, cauliflower puree, rosemary roasted baby potatoes, baby carrots, cherry tomato and roasted cauliflower, charred tomato demi glace




For gluten-free and vegetarian options, the chef is happy to make recommendations.


 Iced Tea    3

 Soft Drinks   3

 Bottled Water   5

 Coffee or Tea   3



Domestic Beer    5
budlight, coors light, shocktop

Local Beer    7
aloha lager, bikini blonde, kona big wave, kona castaway ipa, kona firerock,
kona longboard lager, wailua wheat

Import Beer 7
corona extra, heineken, guinness, stella artois