Mixologist Jacob Baltero man in blue printed Hawaiian shirt smiling making drinks in shaker behind bar with customers sitting in foreground.jpg




Polihua Sunset (tequila)     11
a twist of a poloma with tropical flavors and salty finish

Chili Pepper Water (mezcal)    11
a unique flavor combined with heat, smokiness with sour notes

Basil Lime Drop (vodka)     11
a refreshing martini with herbaceous notes and a sweet and tart finish lime drop

Lychee Wave Rider (vodka)     11
a sweet and fruity refresher

Dole Plantation Mule (rum)     12
a very refreshing island style mule

Guava Mojito (rum)     11
A spin on a classic mojito with guava puree

Lilikoi Blast (gin)    11
tropical play on gin and juice

Elderflower Fizz (gin)    12
a refreshing cocktail with floral and savory notes

Peach Bourbon Sour (bourbon)    11
a spin of a traditional sour with a tropical flare of peach and oranges

Two Under Par (scotch)     11
smoky and peaty with a hint of lemongrass and ginger