Lana‘i Tai     10
mai tai with a lana‘i twist, white rum, pineapple and orange juice with a hint of orgeat and orange liqueur, finished off with a dark rum float and an island favorite li hing powder rim

Guava Mojito     10
white rum meets guava liquor in our version of the typical mojito, freshened up with some lime juice, mint and a hint of sweetness, topped off with a splash of refreshing club soda

Calamansi Margarita     10
Calamansi juice, agave, and tequila with Alae salted rim.

Munro Mule     10
coconut vodka, pineapple and lime juice topped with ginger beer…we’re not in moscow any more

Elderflower Bliss     10
gin & st. germaine elderflower liquor makes the perfect base for this refreshing beverage with a touch of lemon, orange and a dash of bitters with hints of floral and citrus notes

Pineapple & Ginger Swizzle     11
fresh and refreshing hint of spices. captain morgan, domaine de canton ginger liquer, pineapple juice, simple syrup, and lemon juice

Lychee Drop     10
vodka, lychee puree, with a twist of lemon juice. splash simple, shake & strain into martini

Foamy French Martini     11
a play on the original french martini, vanilla vodka combined with pineapple juice topped with foamed casiss liquor

Gingered Old Fashioned     10
muddled orange and luxardo cherries, ginger infused simple syrup, bourbon and bitters

Pakali Boulevard     12
bourbon, sweet vermouth, aperol, and marasca syrup, garnished with a flamed orange slice gives this version of the manhattan our own lana’i touch

  Pakali Boulevard

Pakali Boulevard



Domestic Beer     5
budlight, shocktop, and coors light

Local Beer     7
kona firerock, kona big wave, kona longoard lauger, kona castaway ipa, wailua wheat, aloha lager, bikini blonde

Import Beer     7
corona extra, stella artois, heineken, guinness