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Dessert, After Dinner Drinks


Citrus Chocolate Mousse     10
sweet, salty, savory, sour. decadent chocolate mousse delicately flavored with citrus zest, garnished with extra virgin olive oil and hawaiian sea salt.

Vietnamese Coffee Panna Cotta     10
luscious coffee flavor. sweet cream coffee panna cotta served with mexican chocolate whipped cream and macadamia brittle.

Coconut Bread Pudding     10
warm and comforting. coconut milk and sweet roll bread pudding, served warm with coconut caramel and house-made rum raisin gelato.

Apple Walnut Crisp     10
chef’s family recipe. new england apple cinnamon crisp with candied walnut and streusel topping, served à la mode with vanilla ice cream.

House Spun Ice Cream and Sorbet     3/scoop
made in house. a variety of flavors featuring seasonal fruit, creative combinations and classic ingredients.


– after Dinner drinks –

Drip Coffee   4

Hot Chocolate   4

Hot Tea   4

Espresso  5

Double Espresso   8

Cappuccino   7

Latte   7

Classic Float    8
mexican coca cola or A&W root beer

Classic Milkshakes   8
chocolate, kona coffee, vanilla

Booster Shot
enhance your after dinner drink with a 1 oz. pour of an alcohol of your choice

— cost based on alcohol selection —